Taxi – the best brand name

Taiwan Taxi has started business on August 29, 2002 and reformed organizational structure in October 2005 with authorized stock capital of NT$250 million and NT$200 million collected. Chairman C.T. Lin, former Chairman of Gonav Technology Co., Ltd., leads the experienced management team to provide customers with “safe and comfortable riding experience” with GPS (global positioning service) dispatch service, 3G (GPS + GPRS + GIS) taxi service, and 24-hour satellite monitoring service. Taiwan Taxi determines to upgrade taxi service quality and operating performance; also, move towards the goal of “high-tech vehicle operation.” Taiwan Taxi stresses the importance of service quality, brand name marketing, expand operating scale aggressively, establish the best taxi brand name in the mind of consumers, and strive to put thirty thousand taxis in service in three years.

Taiwan Taxi serves over one hundred and eighty thousand passengers a day with over 40,000 calls received daily. Over 4,300 taxis are made available in Taipei City, the capital of Taiwan. Taiwan Taxi has provided passengers with polite drivers and safe and comfortable driving experience with the excellent service quality and substantiated education and training. Taiwan Taxi has 6,000 taxis in service nationwide.

In response to the demand of passengers, in addition to Taipei City and County, Taiwan Taxi has branch offices setup in Keelung City, Taoyuan City and County, Kaohsiung County and City, Hsinchu County and City, Taichung County and City, Chiayi County and City, and Tainan County and City to have 3G GPS dispatch technology substantiated nationwide.

Six features of Taiwan Taxi

1.GPS dispatch + 3G (GPS, GPRS, GIS) taxi service + 24-hour monitoring service for riding safety

2.Professional passenger service training + modernized marketing and e-management platform for comfort

3.Dial 55688 by cell phone + convenient CALL station + CALL ME5 voice-mail three-in-one calling service

4.Special corporate member service, taxi fare receipt, fare audit, and driving route inquiry

5.Largest number of taxi (around 6,000 taxis) available for service and largest scale of operation with service provided nationwide

6.Largest taxi media platform to support mobile transportation network nationwide

24-Hour service hotline:405-88888•Cell Phone:55688 youtube facebook

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