The first choice of taxi service

Taiwan Taxi, founded in September, 2005, is the largest taxi company in Taiwan. The company provides taxi service around the island with running more than 23,000 taxies, accounting for 25% in taxi industry in Taiwan. The company has been deeply trusted by customers and has been awarded 『Excellent』of Taipei Taxi Transportation Service in consecutive 12 years by the overwhelming numbers of taxi than competitors with the good image of brand. Over the recent years, the company has also equipped with diversified services and aggressively been cooperated with horizontal alliances to build the best brand of taxi service for customers.

C.T. Lin, the chairman, said that “Taiwan Taxi is not only a traditional taxi company but a brand of 『Living Centered』. We use technology to build a matching platform of taxi dispatching and involve the humanity care in the operation all the time. We actively keep attending public charity activities and provide better ICT services to support taxi drivers, and will promote more sustainable-oriented taxi service by establishing a more energy-saving taxi fleet in the future.