APP service procedure:

1. Download APP of 55688 Taiwan Taxi through iOs or Android system.

2. Provide GPS positioning for reference.

3. Provide address and request a taxi.

4. APP binding credit card payment without cash.

5. Make sure the location of get into / get out .

6. Complete the deal and safe riding.

Call a taxi

1. Dial Taiwan Taxi hotline of 405-88888 or 55688 by cell phone and press “9”.
The rate of the hotline is based on the rate of local call. The rate of 55688 hotline is NT$0.1/second with the first 10 seconds free and 10 minutes is limited per call.

2. Tell service center your location of get into / out, and contact number.

3. Complete calling a taxi.
If customers does not press “1” for confirmation or hang up the phone directly after receiving the dispatching number of taxi and pick-up time, service centre will be unable to dispatch a taxi.